red tshirts with white printing, phone cases, and a red mug#apparel

Who doesn’t love T-shirts?

When I was in my 20’s my girlfriend’s sister came down to visit for a few days.

One day she decided that she would help out and do our laundry. This was a very nice gesture.

When I got home from work as I walked through the door, hysterical laughter slapped me across the face.

I called out, no one answered so I searched the main floor, no one around. I checked the basement, still nothing!

I made my way upstairs and there she was, my girlfriend on the bed howling, her sister theatrically dancing around the room wielding two t-shirts. They see me, the sister falls laughing to the ground, my girlfriend spasms and kicks a pile of t-shirts on the floor.

Through tears in their eyes and stuck smiles on their faces they look up and say…

“You know you have 52 t-shirts and 49 of them are black!”

And back to laughing hysterically they went.

black tshirt white writing

Doing What I Can With What I’ve Got Black T-shirt

That was the day I realized I had a passion for t-shirts and hoodies. Culminating in Pappa Chino Says Merch.

Black and white t-shirts, hoodies and leggings with a blue eye ball on fire design.
Pappa Chino Says “Oculus Heat” Collection!

Pappa Chino Merch is top notch, vibrant colors (because we can’t wear black every day), comfortable, quality, durable, backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

The concept behind Pappa Chino Says is positive, motivational and fun.

We believe that everyone should live the life they want, enjoy it to the fullest and let the world know who they are.

Orange, Yellow and Green T-shirt with white writing. "I am who I am"
I am Who I am T-shirt, Not limited to, Orange, Yellow and Green
one red shirt, one black shirt, one purple shirt, with white writing "Find the Fun"
Find The Fun T-shirt, Multiple colors available

Check out our merch page, pick your favorite, order today and add some color to your style.

Or just go ahead and pick that black one that says “doing what I can with what I’ve got!”

blue and white background with t-shirts, phone cases and leggings on display for pappa chino says merch
Pappa Chino Says Merch

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