Finding your focus

Lately I’ve been thinking alot about focus, the mindset it takes to maintain it and what preperation you need to achieve it.

It’s easier to find than you think, often overlooked and more frequently brushed aside as too simple.  That’s a rediculous notion really, we discard simplicity as a cruch or weakness, but ultimately we are all trying to make our lives simpler.

So Nest… Start nesting… Clean up your shit.  I mean really clean it up.  Organize the house, clean out the closets, go through your clothes.  Then once you’re settled, clean out the emotional cobwebs.

I know what you’re thinking right now.  “Psha, please i can’t get all this cleaned up it’s way to much clutter.”

In the beginning it feels like you’ll never get it done, like the chaos has completely engulfed you, taunting you to accept it and join in.

Resist the taunting and take it one room at a time.  Clean up the space that you inhabit the most in your home.  For me it was my mancave/garage.  Once I got that in order and cleaned out all the junk i got motivated to do the same inside the house.

After the garage I started with the living room.  That’s where we all hang out for the most part, then the bathrooms and the kitchen. 

No we don’t all hang out in the bathrooms together, but they do get some pretty good traffic on a regular basis.

Those rooms sucked, they weren’t even horrible just unorganized and unkept man style, if you know what I’m saying…

Yes! Yes.. I’m saying all the dishes across the counter, not a utensil in the drawer.  But it’s not like that now, now everything sits happily clean and rested in their home.

When I finished with the bathrooms and kitchen, the bedrooms had to be over hauled.  Having 3 kids under the age of 14 they are as clean as I fear they will get for the next few years. 

Mine however is a spot of tranquility.  Trust me, this is important.  If your bedroom resembles a flea market, a rumpus room, that’s right I said “rumpus room”.  Or an entertainment center, you are missing out. 

Keeping it comfortable and relaxing is the way to go.

Even though I write like I got this all done in a weekend it wasn’t even close.  It took about a month hammering away at each room one by one.  Again with three kids, sometimes I had to revisit the previous day’s room, sometimes times twice. 

One really neat thing that came out of that though, was the kids attitudes shifted.  They started cleaning and tidying their own spaces.  They started picking up after themselves, again not right away but after a couple weeks they started to get on board with dad.

When you come home to chaos, it drains you emotionally, zapping whatever energy you have left in the tank, making emotional issues as well as the day to day grind seem insurmountable.

That’s gone the second your space is clean.  Your motivation improves and your willingness to keep improving on the things you’ve already completed starts to sky rocket.  Next thing you know you’re full of focus and drive. 

We as humans find a sense of success in the little things, the little details that get you started and keep you going.

Besides what’s better than not having to do the dishes after a rough day?

Instead you can have that drink and reflect, maybe centre yourself with some meditation, streach it out with some yoga or hit the gym.

If you really want to find your focus, build confidence and drive, clean up your shit.  It’s really that simple.  Besides you can’t find the fun at the bottom of a garbage can.

Here are 5 steps that will help you get focused and stay on track:

Step 1) Start “Nesting”, clean up your space; start with the room you inhabit the most and work your way through each room, methodically.  Don’t finish the room you are working on until it provides you with a sense of calm and accomplishment.

Step 2) Go through your closets.  Get rid of close that don’t fit, whether they are too small or too big, get rid of them.  Keep one pair of comfy clothes for the weekend or those lazy days we all have.  Take away the sloppy option, meaning if the clothes don’t make you feel confident and content, get rid of them.

Step 3) Organize all of your cupboards.  Clutter isn’t just in a closet or due to the amount of clothes strewn across the house.  It’s more so about ease of use and streamlining the process.  So clean out the cupboards, get rid of cook wear that you don’t use or haven’t in a long time.  Re-organize the cupboards to better suit meal prep and storage of goods.

Step 4) Now that you have everything organized and clean, reflect on yourself.  Start looking inwards, reflect on where you’re at, how far you’ve come and the massive, even though, minor changes you’ve made in a short amount of time.  This process should have you in a new state of mind, one that prides itself on confidence, cleanliness and clarity.

Step 5) Maintenance, now all you have to do is maintain your environment.  It’s so much easier to clean a tidy house.  It’s the same for your emotions.  If you can gain even a small amount of clarity in your daily life, your ability to dissect emotional issues is very much like trying on old clothes.  You know which garment is going to hug your belly and make you feel self-conscious and which ones will hide your flaws.

Feeling like your closed in and trapped isn’t worth it.  Especially when you can make small adjustments to counteract the negative effects you are experiencing in your life, a lot of the time it’s a simple fix, but we over think and over complicate it.  All you need to do is identify the clutter, whether it’s physical or emotional, take the baby steps you need to in order to effect change and promote progress.  The only thing stopping you is you.

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