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My morality determines how I think.  How I react, respond and proceed.  It can be good.  It can be bad.  Most notably it can be very restricting.  Cinching tightly around the ample belly of life.  Cutting me off from experience.  Progress in some cases.  My true potential most often and the adrenaline dump that comes with dabbling in the gray areas of life.  Where breaking or stretching a rule or limit, does not come gift wrapped in dire consequence.

Some may not agree, but, the people I keep close, know, that I am truly guided buy a strong sense of right and wrong, justice, morality and a belief that everyone has unlimited potential.  We are all equal in our existence, what we make of it is obviously up to us.

Where we differ individually.  Is when we yurn for someone else success.  When we ask ourselves why not me?  This is what halts our progress, stunts our emotional intelligence and chains us to the concrete block that is stagnant thought.

The more I ponder outside influence.  Set my actions to the musical called social perception.  The farther away the next level of being is.  I keep reaching and grasping though.

Through the muddied convoluted clouds of thought, a quiet focus washes in allowing calm to commence.  Nothing but what I want.  What I need to do.  What the true me wants out of experience.

The rules, the justice, the morality.  It all goes my way.  I’m the one that determines how quick the climb will be.  How much external influence bleeds through the cracks.  Pining for what others have.  Recoiling from the ingrained perception of right and wrong, black and white is no longer viable.  

Instead I ground my morality to it’s base.  Don’t harm others.  Don’t cause suffering due to your actions.  Treat every person and endeavor with respect.

Understanding my root cause, opened up the possibility to change.  It allowed me to reevaluate the foundation of my morality and better suit it to the operating procedure, influencing the justification of my per-suites.  All while maintaining the basic intention of moral conduct.

To truly become the realization of our full potential.  We need each other.  We thrive when unity is abundant.  The actions of one, don’t represent the whole.  However.  The lessons learned by ones actions.  Have an immense universal effect.  A balance that molds the connection and education of humanity.  

Be vigilant in maintaining the mental overgrowth that, infuses itself along the path you walk.

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  1. Unity is of the utmost important and I believe when we work together we can support each other to thrive and get where we want to be and achieve what we want


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