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Getting SHREDDED in 30 DAYS

Day 7 was a Saturday.  The end of this week was harder to find time to get in a solid workout.  

See I have my kids every Thursday evening.  Unfortunately that cut into my work out time.  Then they were back for their time with me, on Friday.  Saturday/Sunday we were at my parents for second Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa..  

I Brought my kettle bell, that way I could get a solid 15 minutes of work in.  It was a bit nerve racking.  I had to find a spot in the basement off to the side, while the kids watched a movie.

I had my mom and dad Peering around the corner and walking around me like curious monkeys checking out a new type of food.  

They were interested in what this thing was I was winging around.  They chuckled at the activity.  My dad asked if I had a headache from all the bending and swinging.  

I was more concerned that all this distraction was going to make me loose focus and grip.  Resulting In a cannon ball with a handle flying through the air into a wall.  

After a couple peaks around the corner, followed by some grunts of disapproval.  They stopped checking in.

Granted they were interested in what I was doing.  The take away from this is… don’t get in the way when someone is swinging a cast iron ball near your face.

I explained the benefits of using it, after I finished.

I love the Kettle bell and the weight jump from 20 to 35 lbs has been a major contributor towards the fun factor during workouts.  It’s challenging enough that I struggled in the beginning, having to rest, during each exercise throughout the Fitness blender Kettle bell work out.  

You’d think it would be discouraging.  

Being that Kettle bells are an excellent source for cardio and strength routines.  It satisfies my need for competition, in turn making the challenge more exciting.

If you only have a short break in the day, and need a full body blast.  Kettle bells are the way to go.  Like I mentioned before, you get a little cardio and strength training in a short workout.  Plus when you move up in weight, it really does feel like a “leveling up”.

Other than not feeling like I had time over the weekend to get a good enough workout in.  My next challenge was, staying motivated throughout the week.

I was on a later shift.  Not getting home until 7.  Having to pick the kids up on the way.  Then having to make dinner and do all the laundry and dishes that had piled up.

Needless to say I was in no mood to start a workout routine as soon as I got home.  Luckily, my 6 yr old has gotten into doing the Fitify routines with me.  They are body weight routines, so no weights needed.  She’s relentless about it too.  As soon as we get in the car, she’s asking if we are going to do our workout tonight.  

So naturally she is my little workout buddy/motivator.  She really kept me on track over the next few evenings.  As much as I wanted to forget it, I’m not going to be the A-hole that says no to a 6 yr old who is showing an interest in being fit.

So In accordance, as the days moved on you’ll notice that I started to amp up my output.

I don’t have any pictures for this week unfortunately.  Because of timing.  I found myself jumping right into the workouts as soon as I got home.  Forgetting to take before pics.  

I feel like taking them after, is a bit of a cheat, since it’s when your at your most pumped up.

I do have those pictures though.  They are a nice little ego boost when I’m feeling a little plump and floppy.

Just as a reminder.  I am not a physician, a personal trainer or fitness coach.  I do not recommend doing any of the routines listed below.  Always consult a physician before attempting strenuous physical activity.  Also consult a physician before using any of the equipment highlighted in this blog.       

Jan, 11 2020 day 7

Fitnessblenders 1 x 10 kettlebell workout.

Total workout 15 min.

Out of town at parents for second Christmas with the kids.

Jan, 12 2020 day 8

Fitify 17 minute interval circuit.

Total workout 17 min.

Jan, 13 2020 day 9

Fitify 16 minute HIIT interval work out with 3 minute warm up. Body weight.

 Fitness blender 1×10 kettle bell work out.  35 lbs kettle bell 15 minute.

 7 minute break

 Free weights
 5 minute break between sets but no break between exercises.

 Curls 35 lbs dumbbells
 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 10 reps
 3rd set 10 reps

 Overhead tricep extensions 35 lbs dumbbells
 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 10 reps
 3rd set 10 reps

 Shoulder shrugs 35 lbs dumbbells
 1set 12 reps
 2nd set 12 reps
 3rd set 12 reps

 Shoulder press 35 lbs kettle bell
 1 set 10 reps
 2nd set 10 reps
 3rd set 10 reps

 Curls 7’s 20 lbs kettle bell
 1st set 21 reps
 2nd set 21 reps
 3rd set 21 reps

 10 minute break

 Chest core
 5 minute break between sets.  No break between exercises.

 Bench press
 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 10 reps
 3rd set 10 reps

 Sit ups
 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 10 reps
 3rd set 10 reps

 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 10 reps
 3rd set 8 reps

 One arm rows
 35 lbs kettle bell
 1st set 12 reps
 2nd set 12 reps
 3rd set 12 reps

 Raised Push ups
 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 9 reps
 3rd set 7.5 reps

 Standing chest press
 35 lbs kettle bell
 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 10 reps
 3rd set 10 reps


Total workout 1hr 40 minutes

 Jan, 14 2020 Day 10

 35 minutes on stationary bike.

 20 minute stretching session.  10:30 pm.  Felt really tight and tense.

Total workout 55 min.

 Jan, 15 2020 day 11

 16 minute light cardio circuit.  With 3 minute warm up.

 Power tower

 Each exercise.  3 sets before moving on.  Take 1 minute break between each set.  3 minute break between each exercise.

 Pull ups
 1st set 5 reps
 2nd set 5 reps
 3rd set 4 reps
 4th set 3 reps just cause I wanted to.

 Hammer grip pull ups
 1st set 5 reps
 2nd set 5 reps
 3rd set 5 reps
 4th set 4 reps

 Leg raises
 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 10 reps
 3rd set 10 reps
 4th set 10 reps

 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 6 reps screwed up and stopped to change position. Couldn’t get going again.
 3rd set 10 reps
 4th set 8 reps

 Sit ups
 1st set 20 reps
 2nd set 20 reps
 3rd set 20 reps
 4th set 20 reps

 Raised push ups
 1st set 10 reps
 2nd set 10 reps
 3rd set 10 reps
 4th set 9 reps
 5th set 8 reps
 6th set 3 reps
 Cause I wanted to hit 50

 Time 40 minutes. Roughly.

Total time about 1 hr.

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