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Before I get into this.  I have to admit, I cheated a little bit.  Shh, don’t tell anyone.

I had this grand idea to start a personal 30 day challenge.  I have attempted it twice before.  However my body decided to wuss out and I failed.  

The first attempt, I made it 12 days, then my shoulder gave out.  The second time I made it as far as trying to do one curl with 35 lbs resulting in crippling shoulder pain.

After two attempts and a wrecked shoulder.  I figured I should give it some time to heal.  Brilliant I know! This meant taking a month and a half off.

So the grand plan was to restart the challenge on Jan, 1.  The challenge, 30 days of workouts, no days off.  This is where I cheated a little bit, just a little.

Due to the enjoyment of festive gatherings and wanting to indulge in all the foods. I got lazy and sluggish.  When I did try to work out I felt off and didn’t like where I was at.  See previous sentences for reasoning.  Any way I missed my start day.  So I did a few light work outs just to jump start the old enthusiasm.  Jan 5, it became official.  

Challenge accepted!

In order to keep myself accountable and motivated, I am documenting the work.  I plan on updating the blog weekly with, progress reports, pics and videos of the previous weeks workouts.  I will even add written routines, to better illuminate the relationship of work to result.  

I am not a personal trainer or physician.  I do not recommend attempting any of the routines I do.  Always remember to consult a physician before attempting any type of strenuous activity.  I am simply trying to provide motivation and evidence of the benefits that physical fitness can produce.

Since I have put a weeks worth of work in.  Lets start off with the weigh in and stats from day one.

The look.  The, “maaaaaan this 30 days better pay off” look.

unfit man with fat belly.  day 1 work out pictures.
side view of unfit man with fat belly.  Day 1 workout picture.

Weight: 205 lbs

Height: 5’11

Goal weight: 185 lbs


1 – 35 LBS Kettle Bell

1 – 20 LBS Kettle Bell

2 – 35 LBS adjustable Dumbbells

1 – Marcy power tower (dip and pull up station)

1 – Incline weight bench

1 – Stationary Bike


Fitify – Android or IOS

Fitness Blenders 1 x 10 Kettle Bell workout (YouTube)

A variety of weight lifting exercises utilizing 35 lbs dumbbells.

Workout Day 1:

Total time 1 hr

Fitness Blender 1 x 10 Kettle bell workout.  Using 35 LBS kettle bell.

15 minutes

10 minute walking rest

Power Tower (Dip and Pull up station)

Building up to 3 sets of 10 reps in succession for each exercise.

Raised push ups

3 sets 10 reps

Sit ups

3 sets 10 reps

2 minute walking break


1st set – 10 reps

2nd set – 9 reps

3rd set – 8 reps

Leg raises

1st set – 10 reps

2nd set – 10 reps

3rd set – 10 reps

2 minute walking break

Hammer grip chin ups

1st set – 5 reps

2nd set – 5 reps

3rd set – 4 reps

2 minute walking break

Pull ups

1st set – 5 reps

2nd set – 5 reps including 2 sloppy ones to finish it off.

3rd set – 3 reps


As you can tell by the look on my face in the weigh in pictures. My earlier attempt at inspiring some motivation had not been as effective as I’d hoped. I’m also sure, a big part of that grumpy look is because of the whole shirtless part. Clearly I’m not showing off. But I do want to set the tone for this challenge and show you the real, the scarred up, stretched out, flabby lump of silly putty I have to play with.

So let the challenge commence. Follow along for weekly updates and videos. Provided I figure out how all this technology works and actually point the camera in the right direction.

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  1. Great read! I love how vulnerable you are in this blog. It allows others to see the REAL versus the RESULTS at the end of surgery that most folks on social media get. Your going in head first the old fashion way and that I love!


  2. Great post with so much honesty! I am on the walking every day kick. Every morning at 5:15 am I have been out for a walk, no matter the weather. It has been a mild winter so far but still chilley that time of day. Trying to set some good habits!


    • Well done!! You are much more eager than I. Definately not ready to move to much, that early in the morning. But I hear ya on the setting good habbits. Keep it up. I bet it’s a great time to reflect and wnjoy some you time. Keep it up.


  3. Hey Justin,

    I wish you the best of luck on your training, I understand the motivation for working out can be difficult. I’ve been dealing with that for a bit.

    You’re going to do great!


    • Dennis, thank you for reading. I appreciate the heads up. I have taken this in to account and adjust my plan, as you will see in the upcomming updates. Again thank you very much for your support.


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