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Don’t call it a resolution, it’s been brewing for years.

I always like to see a good solid success story.  It’s inspiring to have people around you succeed with their passion.  That’s not to say I don’t get a little bit jealous.  I just don’t get jealous in a typical way.  I don’t start thinking, why them? They aren’t that great.  Secretly wishing I was in their shoes.  I get jealous in a way that makes me wish I had the idea, which then leads me to thinking how they did it, how they executed so quickly and how do I apply similar techniques to step my game up.  It’s more of an admirable jealousy than anything.

With that said I had an epiphany recently.  I noticed that when I started putting more effort towards promoting this blog.  My focus was drifting towards the numbers associated with growing an audience.  I had started to fixate on it.  Allowing it, to a certain degree, the ability to redirect some of my plans.  Ultimately it stressed me out and I crashed.  So I took a step back and played observer for the month of December.  I stayed away from posting.  Let the numbers do what they were going to.  They dipped.  But it was good.  I had to ride out the emotion I had attached to gaining and loosing followers.  It also gave me a chance to see how the blogging community operated. Ultimately learning to keep it simple.  Do what you can, with what you’ve got and stay focused on what’s important.

In light of this epiphany.  This year I’m making 3 resolutions, but don’t call them that.

Call them Perms, like the 80’s hair style.  These perms will never fall out though.  They will be woven into my permanent operating procedure, my code of conduct and utilized by my human resources department.

Adapting the KISS principal,(keep it simple stupid), is going to be the foundation for these changes.

Perm 1


I have done an OK job at working out on a relatively regular basis.  However I do slip from time to time.  Recognizing, when I do, how much of a difference there is in my cognitive function, outlook and ability to navigate the challenges of life.  So I’ve come up with a 5 day plan that offers variety, hopefully mitigating the opportunity for injury and promoting the focus needed to achieve my goals.

My plan is to utilize a 35 lbs kettle bell, 35 lbs adjustable dumbbells, the Marcey Power Tower (a dip and pull up station) and a stationary bike.

To start off I am going to revisit a challenge I had posed to myself back in the fall.  Workout for 30 days, no days off.  I had failed.  Made it 12 days, before my shoulder gave out and I messed up my rotator cuff.  I  attempted this a second time but my stupid shoulder hadn’t healed well enough and could barely lift any weight.  So I decided to take just over a month off of any workout program and let the shoulder heal.  

While I took the time off I reassessed my routine.  No wonder my shoulder was messed up.  I poorly put a plan together that stressed my joints and focused too much on repetitive movements.  

This time I’m doing it right, varying the movements, alternating between weight training and body weight exercises. Limiting dumbbell work to 3 times a week and adding cardio on alternate days.  

The one thing I am going to do every day is the kettle bell.  It doesn’t put much stress on my joints and allows me to combine strength training and cardio in one routine.  The intent of the challenge is to see what changes I can make in 30 days. See if my body can handle it and find out if a kettle bell, dumbbell and body weight exercise can get me shredded.

Perm 2

Find the Fun

When I was a kid I would do impressions and accents with friends and family.  I would try to make them laugh for hours with weird characture like impressions.  Somewhere along the way I grew up and stopped doing that.  At this past Christmas, for whatever reason I started reading excerpts from the art of war, as Arnold Schwarzenegger, possibly the most fun I’ve had in a long time.  

This adolescent behaviour has carried on.  The other day my son was all pouts McGee about having to drop his older sister off at a sleep over.  All we had to do was drive in a 2 minute circle then he could play video games again.  As soon as he got in the car he was huffing and puffing about it.  Instead of getting mad or agitated I would respond as if I had a mouth full of water.  At first he kept the huff going, finally he goes, “dad, what are you doing?”.  I say “I’m talking like what I would sound like if I was under water”.  He and the girls start laughing. Bad mood squashed.

So the lesson in this.  You don’t have to meet the problem head on, sometimes it just takes a little redirection to resolve some tension.  Thus, captain accent is back and he’s really good at making people smile.

Perm 3

Work for me

I started this blog in April.  It’s come a long way since writing the odd article here and there.  Now I’m going to really put some push behind this thing and see where it can go.  Maybe this time next year, I’ll be writing about how I started making my money working for myself.

Consistency has been my problem.  Life has gotten in the way a few times, and I’ve gotten in my way a few times.  My intent was to put out a blog a week, every Monday.  It didn’t always work out.  I took December to watch my blogging peers and see how they navigated the landscape.  The realization of a plan was born.  I need to plot out what, how and when I’m going to create these master pieces.  

Now I have a plan and a schedule!

As you can see 2 of Perms coincide with each other,  the workout plan is going to be my first blog series for the year.  Documenting my workouts with a written guide for each workout.  Accompanied by pictures to showcase my progress or lack there of.  

If you’ve put together resolutions or perms this new year, don’t overwhelm yourself.  Pick one thing that you want to change and build smaller goals around it.  Goals, that while you can check them off your list of wins, allow you to move towards growth on a grand scale.  You will be much more satisfied with those small wins if they keep you moving towards more drastic achievements.

Keeping it simple and weaving a few goals together, should provide the foundation of achievement without feeling overwhelmed.  

Some times it’s worth biting off more than you can chew, in this case it’s not.  When it comes to changing aspects of your lifestyle, it’s always better to take baby steps.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the win is.  It’s still a win!

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