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It is what it is… until it isn’t.

“It is what it is”. I hate that saying. A rock, “is what it is”.

Problems have many, reasons, sollutions and out comes. So to say that your circumstance “is what it is”, is a bit of a cop out.

It’s Like you’re settling. Like there’s no more effort or attempts to be made. I never want to be that guy. Inatimate objects can be what they are. Circumstance shouldn’t be.

Our paths in life are forever changing, there’s forks in the road and pit falls to avoid. If you get stuck in one of those seemingly large holes, what are you going to do?

Hopefully your going to scratch claw and climb out. Take that panic, anger and fear, use it. Make it motivate you.

The choices you’ve made, got you this far. Even though it seems bleak, there is always something you can do to infect a change for the better.

Maybe you’re in debt, maybe you’re trying to lose weight, or repair a relationship. None of these things have a quick fix, because these circumstances didn’t just happen. They built up over an extended period of time. Breaking them down and redirecting the opportunity to change your mindset, your health and your relationships, is going to take some time.

We all want the discomfort to go away, as soon as we dip our toes in the waters of personal development. Like starting a business, you don’t just open up shop and bam success in abundance walks through the doors.

No. You build. You build before you open and you continue to build long after. Thats the beauty of life. It doesnt stop. It’s constantly giving us opportunities to manuver ourselves in the right direction, for us.

It’s different for everyone, as long as you stay the course and invest 100% of your effort, you can manipulate your circumstance to better your position.

We as a society look at successful people, wishing we could be like that. Hoping that in some way something extremely prosperose finds us. Thats not the way it works.

Those people we look up to, at some point in their lives, decided that their situation was not what they wanted. I can almost guarantee you that they didnt look at a problem and say, “oh well it is what it is”. I’m pretty convinced that they instead see obstacles as competition. Attempting to find their way around, over, under or even sometimes through, what stands in their way.

Do you think that the Rock, with 7 bucks in his hand, or Arnold Schwarzenegger being rejected from film for his accent, sat back and said, “Oh well it is what it is”?

They definately did not. They looked at their circumstance told themselves they would never be in that position again and worked to change. They found ways to manipulate their reality by exploring the minute details surrounding their objectives and goals. Then they acted on each aspect and slowly they built empires.

I’m not saying that everyone is going to build an empire. I am saying, that there is enough room in this world for everyone to reach their version of success and it starts with you. Your thought process, your motivation, your discipline and your beliefe.

Take this blog for example. I started writing this so I could help others realize that they are not alone with their problems. The magnatude is different for everyone, sure, but the constructs can be similar.

Now I’m trying to monetize this. I havent made squat, but I can see the benefit. Yeah if I was doing this full time, I would like to think I would be light years ahead. But I’m not.

It gets me down sometimes. I love doing it though and I see great potential in it. I’ve only really been doing this for maybe 8 months.

I have to constantly remind myself of how little I understood 8 months ago and how much knowledge I’ve gained since.

That feeling alone can perk me up when I’m feeling the weight of my wants and needs.

The progress has been minimal but steady. Ultimately, isn’t that the key to longevity?

Part of me wants to wake up one day and find out that I have 1 Million followers. That would be awesome right!

But, If that were the case, it could result in being a flash in the pan. I dont want to be a flash in the pan. I’m trying to create something solid, so I keep those thoughts in check as much as possible.

The analytical part of me suggests, the slow burn, that I have been experiencing, is that longevity. I could be wrong for sure, but those little wins seem to point in the direction of progress.

I get stuck almost once a month on what to do next. After I step away and return to the process I make a slightly larger stride than the last attempt.

I believe this is the foundation for growth in anything you do. The stress, anxiety, discomfort and the unknown is really what makes it hard. Not the process or the act of doing. I can confidantly tell you this. It never “is what it is”. It only “is was it is”, until you decide it’s not.

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  1. An inspiring call to grow and make change happen It is what it is sounds like a peaceful sentiment but, to change our circumstances, we have to stand up and make it the ‘is’ we want it to be before life changes it into ‘is not’.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. With great in-depth content like this- you will definitely grow! I agree with you. I used to give up so easily in the past and then grow resentful of others progress. Until I faced the obstacles and attacked them and refused to give up no matter how long it takes. We need these encouraging posts to keep going. Thank you for sharing!


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