man shooting a magnum at a shooting range, blog header photoCreative writing

Every MISSION will CHANGE you. Every CHANGE is a MISSION. You are your own SPECIAL OPERATIVE.

So many missions, had me in these tight positions.

But I put them in submission with these compositions.

Now they’re wishing, they hadn’t stepped on the stage.

If it’s a pen to a page, or flying off in a rage.

I put them in a cage, had them slayed and moving on their way, into the sunset.

I do it the best.

Bin put to the test…

Guided by night vision, I make an incision,

through the jungle, ready to rumble.

With anything, that comes through the trees.

Swarm me like a killer bee.

I break free, pop the pin, chuck the grenade in.

It chokes their lungs, they drop their guns.

Here I come, creeping through the night.

Avoiding the lights, keeping out of their sights.

My shadow brings terror.

I was exposing their errors, when I got stuck.


They knew I snuck in.

It’s about to begin.

Jumping into action, taking them out before their reaction.

Some times. Shit happens, like when my lips start flapping, the opposition gets flattened.

Dealt with the competition, like the good father deals with an exorcism.

One drop, and he makes it all stop!

I had to jump the curb, they were coming out of the wood work.

Like special ops, it’s Rainbow SIX!

Storming in with AK’s, flash bangs and warfare tricks.

I timed the get away so I’d hit the alley way, with a quick down shift.

Gave them the slip, or so I thought.

The bomb dropped.  The counter strike almost made the rain stop.

Shots were popping off, so I raised the Glock.

One shot.

Between the eyes.

Between the cries.

I read between the lines.

You get yours…

I’ll get mine.

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