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10 SIMPLE ways to LOOSE WEIGHT right NOW!!

You want to loose weight.  You’ve been beating yourself up for months, because you haven’t taken the steps necessary to facility change.  Yet you keep telling yourself, you will begin tomorrow.

You’re over thinking the objective, the goal and the process.  When we want to get in shape we over load ourselves.  We make massive drastic changes that essentially set us up for a failure so rapid, we barely get a work out routine together before we tap out.

Stop trying to change everything all at once.  

If someone tells you to try a new food, you don’t go taking a spatula and jam a heaping mound of it into your face hole.  Nope.  You take a microscopic, “this might be the infectious biohazard that spawns the demise of man”, style dab from the tip of the mini mound of food hanging off the end of a fork.

So do the same with your weight loss goals.  

When I was a kid watching my dad conducted sales seminars.  He used to use this hat, that had the word KISS on it.   The acronym was Keep It Simple Stupid.  He would put it on or take it off during sales roll playing.  This indicated to the sales man/woman, that they needed to slow down, simplify and refocus or reset.    He dropped the stupid since he was working to help improve other peoples performance, but you get the point.

That stuck with me and has become much more prevalent a concept the older I get.  If you want to be successful at anything you have to keep it simple.  Even when the bigger picture is a mess of confusion, clearing up that fog or at least finding a path through it, means working step by step through smaller simpler goals.  Eventually the sun soaked clearing that is your ultimate destination, will start to present it self.

These 10 steps are simple and fundamental ways to start loosing weight right now, without overwhelming yourself:

  1.  Get Proper Sleep – Sleep is when your body recovers it’s essential to human optimization
  2.  Increase your water intake – start upping water and eliminating juice, pop etc.
  3.  Eat less – cut your servings down to the size of your palm
  4.  No more fast food – make all your meals your wallet and your gut will thank you
  5.  Stop eating bread – sounds harder than it is, trust me. Plus the benefits are immediate
  6.  Stop adding sugar – you can’t remove all sugar but you can decide not to add it, like to coffee
  7.  Moderate junk food – I love chips I can’t not eat them, but I can save them for one night on a weekend
  8.  Walk Daily – Make it brisk at least once a day
  9.  Start Stretching – good blood flow, flexibility promotes healthy organ function
  10. Start a simple body weight routine – something like push ups, sit ups, lunges, squats, planks, burpees

Take it a step further and cultivate routines out of each of these steps.  Don’t attack the whole list, maybe take a few at a time.  Start with steps 1 and 2 for a week.  Get a bed time routine going, sleep is very important, so start there.  Now that you have a good nights sleep and you feel fresh.  Hydrate, it gives you a little boost and some morning clarity.  Now that you’ve started that way, try to maintain it throughout the rest of your day and week.

By the end of the week you will have built a great evening and morning routine.  Which results in a positive and motivational effect on your mood and overall lifestyle.

Taking small steps like that set you up to succeed.  By planting the seed of routine in that first week, you should find it easier to introduce more and more of that list into your lifestyle.

Next thing you know you’re living a healthy motivated existence and you did so with minimal struggle, doubt and hassle.  Of course you will have set backs and have to reevaluate yourself, your level of commitment and effort.  Minimizing those hurdles is what it’s all about, so remember, no matter how complex and far reaching your life goals are.  To get there your going to need to give the gate keeper a big fat K.I.S.S (keep it simple silly, see I reevaluated and didn’t have to drop the last s).

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