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How drastic a change can you make in 30 days?

A few weeks ago I have this brilliant idea…  For 30 days I’ll work out…  No days off…  I’ll take pictures every day of my progress…  A new blog series will be born!  Brilliant I say, Brilliant!!

Before we get into this.  I know some people are reading, thinking, 30 days?  Really that’s it?  Is this guy serious?

Juuuust read through before you get all “silly goosey” on me.

So I got 12 days in.  Heeeheee.  That’s it, end of blog.  Seriously, what else is there to say?  

I’m just playing with you.  There’s more to the story, but I did only get 12 days in before an injury hampered my attempt.

When deciding, to take on this self inflicted challenge.  Even though I try to stay fit, I don’t always stick to a solid workout regiment.  So I found 2 apps that I thought would compliment each other.  The criteria, was having a routine that offered a variety of exercises and stages to work through.  One a body weight routine, the other a dumbbell routine.  With the addition of a 15 minute Youtube kettlebell warm up each day and I had, what I thought would be the ultimate opportunity to drastically change my appearance.  Maybe actually, finally, achieve that goal of having a six pack?  Maybe?

The Apps:(found on the Google play store)



Kettle Bell video:

Fitness Blender 15 Minute Kettlebell Work out: 1×10 Kettlbell Burnout

How the routine went down:

Every day included the Kettlebell workout as a warm up.  Then each day I would alternate between days 1 and 2.

Day 1

Fitness Blender 15 Minute Kettlebell Work out: 1×10 Kettlbell Burnout

(Duration 15 minutes)

2 Minute break.

Fitify *app*

(Duration 20 minutes)

Day 2:

Fitness Blender 15 Minute Kettlebell Work out: 1×10 Kettlbell Burnout

2 Minute break.

Dumbbells *app*

(Duration 1hr)

After each workout, within a 45 minute window.  I would make a protein shake.  

*Ingredients included*

A mix of frozen berries, fruit, spinach and other green leafy vegetables.  An apple, an orange, and 1 to 2 table spoons of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein.

I don’t know if you have ever put yourself in a position where, you were required to evaluate your appearance.  Even if it’s inadvertent, the seed of judgement is planted and you get pulled into a mini vortex of brutal self analysis, both mentally and physically.  Not only do you have to potentially contended with the determination and accountability that comes with working out every day.  You begin to slowly focus on the negative aspects of your appearance, rather than your overall condition.  Now your fighting a battle on two fronts and your way out manned, or so you think.

So… It took about 10 pictures, on that very first attempt, to get an appropriate representation of what my mind told me I looked like.  That 10th one wasn’t flattering in any sense of the word, it was just less, “rolly”, than the 9 before it.

With the pictures out of the way before every work out, I would sink right into the routine.  Surprising to me was the ease at which I fell into getting home from work, throwing on some sweats and breaking out the work out gear.

The variety of activity definitely motivated my drive to want to get into it right away.  Maybe that’s what kept the devil off my shoulder.  The one that nags you to take the day off, that tries to convince you, your way to sore today.  Whatever it was, it seemed like following this routine wasn’t going to prove as hard as I thought.

The self analysis was a totally different story.  At about 5 days in I was feeling really good.  I felt really strong and full.  My endurance was up, I felt more nimble and coordinated.  During the assessment of the pictures though, I started to realize that I would pick out weird problem areas that really aren’t problems.  I felt like I should look different, but the guy in the pictures didn’t seem to be changing.  I did not feel like that guy looked, that was for damn sure.

At the 8 day mark.  I stayed away from looking at the pictures.  I had my daughter start taking them and then close the app before she handed the phone back.  Then later on when I had to move the photo’s to a separate folder for what was going to be this blog.  I would do it through my peripheral vision.

By now I’m sure you’re thinking, well damn that’s why you only made it 12 days.

No! “I say”.

I did actually mess up my Rotator-cuff.  I was on day 12 doing 25 lbs fly’s for the Dumbbell app routine.  When I experienced a sharp shooting pain through my shoulder and I couldn’t bring the dumbbell back up from the rest position.  I tried 2 more times to complete the exercise and well, had to drop those bad boys.

I stopped the challenge since I couldn’t do a push up or lift my arm to shoulder height.  I took a few days off then started doing some light band work.  Slowly it started to get stronger.  For the past few weeks I have been working on rebuilding and strengthening it.  I am going for attempt #2 of the challenge on the day this is released.

Weather you’re already in great shape, starting out or somewhere in the middle.  Always keep in very clear view, your reasons for doing what you’re doing.  If you’re trying to get that six pack ab situation going or getting ready for a competition.  Even though you have to brutally evaluate yourself you don’t have feed into negative self worth.

Results take time.  Our brains want satisfaction.  We become better people by practicing moderation, the ability to limit ourselves and control our wants and needs.  It’s like having kids, they need the same.  They need parents to set and uphold certain regulations.  We need to be our own parent to our kids selves.  Have fun with what your doing look at and hang on to the positives.  The negatives are just faint whines from the child inside that wants negative attention.

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