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Some times it’s the SIMPLE things… That set you FREE.

Lately I’ve been following all the vaping news. Being as my last post dealt with how I quit smoking and the fact that, in part, I used a vaporizer to help that along.

Recently I’ve felt like I needed to touch on the subject.

I am not trying to promote the use of them.

Ideally you should quit smoking cold turkey, so as not to create another addiction by substitution.

I have also used EFT aka Tapping to make the transition easier.

Remember that certification that I talked about in “Self Discipline making Real Change!”?

(If not you should check it out. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part5)

Well I’ve used the EFT/TFT, Tapping technique on myself to improve in a few different areas. I’ve already talked about quitting smoking in great detail.

More recently, I have used it on my fear of success, which I thought was a fear of failure. It wasn’t and tapping helped me figure that out. I’ve also used it to stop my minor procrastination issue.

I have yet to see if this worked or not. But, I most recently used it to work towards reaching my full potential.

The beauty of this technique, is that the change is immediate, the results are tangible and sturdy.

What exactly is Tapping?

EFT or Tapping, was born from acupuncture.

Where acupuncture utilizes needles on certain points along the bodies meridian system to alleviate energy blockages, ultimately resetting the mind, body balance.

EFT/Tapping, does away with the needles and allows the subject or the practitioner to Tap with two fingers on these points. This achieves a similar unleashing of blocked energy. It’s much less invasive, its immediately effective and works to help you consciously and subconsciously change the negative emotional association or relevance of a memory.

Right about now, you probably have a picture in your head that resembles a drunk baboon. Arms flailing, tapping itself all over, wobbling left to right. Thinking, “yeah right, this is going to work?”.

It definitely looks silly. Definitely feels silly, the first time you try it.

The humour in the action drys up quick though.

Once the first session is complete, the wash of calm, the depth of understanding and the totality of change is all you’re left with.

Some times it can take one session, to achieve definitive results. Depending on the depth of the issue it can take more. The things I have worked on, took 3 to 5 sessions.

Once you’re familiar with the technique and the method, it’s entirely possible to maintain and progress through change on your own. Even start working on issues you didn’t realize were issues.

As you can tell, I am a firm believer in this technique. I highly recommend it and I’m hoping that, through this blog, I can help other people who have tried “everything” to make a change.

The sessions are short, about a half hour long.  They can be done in person or remotely. Via, Skype, Face-time or video call.

However you work it, I recommend 5 sessions.  That seems to be optimal for getting those changes to take root, as well as supply sufficient follow up and guidance.

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