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So now I’m full blown into the vape life. That half pack of cigarettes I had aren’t getting touched and I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

I had one final draw back about a week into using the Ecigarette.  Where I found myself at a friends house around a lot of smoking and flowing booze.  I admit it, a few beers in and I got into that last half pack of cigarettes.  I only had a few though. When I woke up the next day I decided to get rid of the pack, I figured it was time to remove the crutch completely and focus on my self discipline to make that final push forward.

Yes it was a little bit of a draw back, but not the end of the world. I figured something like that was going to happen. Which is why I kept the pack in the first place.

The important thing was that I didn’t get another pack. I stuck to my plan and used the Ecigarette from that point on.

It’s funny how doubt creeps back in to a persons thought process.  Even after you have proven through practice that you can change your lifestyle, your circumstance or level of health.  

I think its because we don’t trust ourselves as much as we want to, or should.

Because of this, I got really nervous. I didn’t want to fall back. I wanted to solidify the belief in myself that I could and would be able to do this.

Like I said earlier in this series, I had tried everything. The gum, the spray, the breath strips, the patch and those little wanna be cigarette nicotine inhaler things. None of it worked.

Then I found the thing that would ultimately rid me of the want, need and desire for cigarettes.

EFT. Also known as Tapping.

At first I thought, really? This is going to get me to stop smoking?

There’s no nicotine supplement? I’m supposed to do what now? Tap two fingers on different points on my head and upper body?

With a smirk and a smile I start the tapping video I found on YouTube.  I do as the video instructor says. I start the sequence. I say the mantra/phrases, and i picture the cigarettes, I think about how I felt when I tried to throw them out.

I repeat this 3 or 4 times. Each time the stress associated with throwing out my little buddies washed away a little bit at a time, until finally there was no attachment. I found my win!

Since that day I haven’t touched, thought or cared about a cigarette. I have a close friend who essentially chain smokes. I can hang out all night with him and not once want or care to have a cigarette.

As of the day I finished writing this article, I am 50 days smoke free. That’s 1006 cigarettes I haven’t smoked. And around $600 back in my pocket.

EFT/ Tapping is what got me there. It cleared out my mental hurdles. Redirected my emotional connections and focused my intentions.

It was so effective for me, that I signed up and completed an EFT/TFT tapping practitioner course, so that I could start helping others with their issues, like Anger management, Self Discipline, Self Confidence, Stress/Anxiety and of course Quitting smoking.

Now through my Facebook blog page Justin blog. I am providing motivational, coaching and wellness consultation services with a focus on EFT/TFT Tapping.

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