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Some times it takes ACTING like a KID to put HEALTH in PERSPECTIVE.

It’s 11:30 on a Saturday night.  We’re at a buddies house playing darts.  We just finished the first game and miraculously, I am the winner.  This is a rare situation for me.

It could be in part because I’ve spent the last little while setting up my garage as my man cave, and have had the week to practice on my own, newly installed dart board.  

Any way as the game ends.  One of the guys randomly professes how much healthier he is than the rest of us and how he could out work us in feats of strength or endurance.  Even though by his own admission he is the biggest guy in the room.  

Keep in mind we are all friends and we trash talk each other until there is no end.  Because We’re guys and that’s what we do when we compete.

So being the loud and hyper competitive person that I am, I blurt out “There is no way you can out work me!”.  Of course there is a bunch of posturing back and forth.  Details of doctor visits and the accompanying confirmation of our health and capabilities.  As we go back and forth on our blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the conversation is peppered with ideas of how him and I can test these theories.  

One of the other guys in the room, who knows me well.  Blurts out, “Justin’s a personal trainer, you’re not going to out work him”.  I am not a personal trainer, but he knows my journey of weight loss, healthy living, and personal development.  He also knows what I am willing to do to win.  He had my back!  

We are about 20 minutes into this discussion.  I’m trying to explain that, the strength our first friend has is due to carrying around excess weight.  So he flexes his left bicep and wants my comparison.  My arm is definitely smaller than his, but as I explain, all that definition he’s seeing in my arm vs his is nothing but pure power.  

Bing!  The light goes on.  He says, “Ok, lets arm wrestle”.

I’m all for it.  Cause, we’re basically grown children and fun is fun.  So we line up on the bar table.  I make sure that the rules are understood.  Elbows can not leave the table, You can only use one had and there is no grabbing the edge of the table to get better leverage.

As I finish up the rules I get one last trash talking jab in.  “I’ve worked out for 2hrs strait, already today, so I’m pretty much spent.  Think about how that’s going to feel to your ego when I win”.

We’re lined up, left hand to left hand.  It’s my weaker arm, that’s why I mention it.  So we get counted down and I lock my arm in place.  The force I feel in that moment is much stronger than I thought.  But not unbeatable.  As I lull him into a sense of optimism, by allowing my arm to fall back a bit he’s starting to smile.  I look him right in the eye and begin the push to tap his knuckles on the table.  As I’m about to transition our arms to the point of no return for him.  I hear a yell from the back of the room.  “Your arm’s off the table, you loose, you’re cheating.  It’s over you lost”.

As we all sit there laughing and joking around.  I can tell the air has left my opponents sails.  So I offer up the option to go again, this time right hand to right hand.  Ideally these are our stronger arms and should be a little better competition.  

He agrees.  So we line up again.  Rules restated, arms already burning.  We get our count down.  We’re off.  I start to push this time, I’m to tired and to sore to let him get ahead.  Sure enough he starts to turn, my wrist down.  “No damn way he’s beating me!”  I think to myself.  So I muster up everything I have and start slowly moving his arm, so his knuckles are facing down.  As I get to the top I’m putting everything I have in to it.  Figuring I’m just spent from the earlier work out I drive in harder with all my strength, but my arm is slowing moving back wards.

Then from the back of the room we here.  

“HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You’re cheating.  Your elbow’s off the table and your basically hanging off his arm.  YOU LOOSE AGAIN!”  

I’m still pushing trying to get his arm back over, when the words actually hit my eardrums.  I look up and sure enough there is my opponent, two hands on my one, no elbows on the table, all 275 lbs of him hanging off my arm like a toddler trying to swing on dad’s arm.

We all start laughing and of course the trash talk ramps up again.  The best part was an hour later when he looks at me and says “you know I don’t feel like I lost that”.  Now that’s some self confidence.

The point is that after all that, we end up talking about health, strength, endurance, and what it really takes to achieve above average levels of them.  

We also talked about the fact that he can be relatively healthy having good cholesterol, blood pressure levels and whatever else he monitors, in order to maintain his idea of health.  But the bottom line is, that if you have excess fat, your organs are working much harder than they need to because of the encasing, filling and suffocating nature of body fat.

“Hey you guys up for another game of darts?”  comes spilling out from the back of the room.

“Damn it, I can barely lift my arms” I think to my self.

 “Yeah I’m in”. I reply.

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  1. This was fun to read. I laughed especially at this part, because I was imagining the scenario and how silly it would’ve been if my friends and I did it. 😂

    “Of course there is a bunch of posturing back and forth. Details of doctor visits and the accompanying confirmation of our health and capabilities. As we go back and forth on our blood pressure and cholesterol levels, the conversation is peppered with ideas of how him and I can test these theories. “


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