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Do you ever feel like nothing is working out the way you planned?

I played basketball growing up.  I loved it, was pretty good at it and totally convinced I was going to be playing in the NBA.

It was all I did for hours after school.  I’d get home throw my bag on the floor, eat a snack and then be outside shooting hoops until the street lights came on.

Back then I knew what I wanted.  I knew how to get it and nothing was going to stop me.

Except myself.

I got in my own way.  Started looking for the fun.  Started moving away from dedication, effort and self discipline.  Now looking back on it, while sitting in a front end loader, moving dirt from one spot to the next.  I realize how different my situation could have been.  I wonder how, now, can I revert back and get that unwavering focus and belief.

Obviously I am to old to be trying out for NBA teams.  My skills aren’t what they were.  Even though in my head I can still run circles around these younger guys.

As we grow up and start adulting.  Doubt, scepticism and anxiety do a pretty good job of keeping our feet firmly rooted to the ground.

However, as adults, especially if you have kids.  It’s our responsibility to show them that anything is possible.  That they too, can maintain the level of drive needed to propel them to their dreams.

We have to lead by example.  On every level.  Just because our situation isn’t what we want it to be, or what we envisioned.  That doesn’t mean that we can’t turn it around and prove to ourselves and our young, that we can influence and directly impact our circumstance for the better.  We may fall from time to time.  We may have taken the left path instead of the right.  But ultimately we can reinvent ourselves constantly.  

A big part of the reason that we get stuck in ruts.  I think.  Is because we worry about what others will think.  How they will perceive our goals, aspirations and attempts.  But it really doesn’t matter what they think.  It’s just noise.  You only have to satisfy your needs and wants.

No one really holds your failures against you.  Most of us want to see others succeed.  We want that inspiration.  We want that connection, seeing others hit rock bottom and rise from the ashes to a brighter future, is potentially the ultimate motivator.

What if you could be the pillar of motivation and inspiration?

Start now.  Start making choices and decisions based on the idea that you are the star of your own movie.  Your the block buster.  The down and out hero that everyone is rooting for.  The opening credits are rolling, theme music’s playing and the camera pans down from the sky…  How’s it play out?  You tell me!

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