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The Flow of Optimism. A Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body for a Healthy Lifestyle.

The suns warm rays kiss your face, birds chirp and dance through the sky without a care.  By all standards it’s a gorgeous new day.  The kind of day that energizes you the moment you look through the window.

Stretching your way out of bed, letting sleep flow off you like water from a pool.  Comfortably content, making your way to the coffee maker.  Possibilities dancing in your head, nothing but optimism and hope for a new day.

As the caffeine kicks in and the cobwebs flush from your system.  A braided stream of thought, slowly and subtly, starts to intermingle with the peaceful and serene landscape of your freshly awakened gray matter.

That insidious flow corroding the river banks of optimism.  Slowly but surely degrading the stability of hope.  The current dancing and teasing our toes, latches on and now we’re in for the ride.  Overcome by a current of fear, anxiety, stress and discontent.  

Unhappy about our situation, feeling like where we are, is where we stay.  As if we can’t change our circumstance, position, thought process or lifestyle.  The adversity seems insurmountable, whether it’s financial issues, weight loss challenges, nutritional changes, personal relationships or our career.

It’s easy to say things like, “Keep your eye on the prize”, “think about the big picture”, or “think positive and things will change”.  But we all know, that once we hop in that kayak and shoot down the white water infused river of negativity, it’s almost impossible to fight the current.

It’s really hard to catch the point when you divert from the positive.  A subtle build up of minor negative thinking, that compounds throughout the day.  Leaving you exhausted and broken.  Wondering why? and how? the world is going to change for you.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s not.  You are going to have to make the sacrifices necessary to make life suite you.  Everyone has a groove they can fit into.  Finding it is a different story.

I used to think that life was going to play out however it wanted.  That I was just along for the ride.  It wasn’t a negative perspective per se, just a lazy perspective lacking fortitude and bravado.  The older I get.  The more I realize that what you want, comes from you and you alone.  A good support system filled with close meaningful relationships definitely betters the experience.  However no one else understands you better than you.  Ultimately you know how to damn up the flow of negativity, crest that last rapid and slip out between the thrashing waves.

There isn’t a dream board, a mantra, or affirmation that’s going to propel you to the highest heights of this existence.  They are good motivational tools, designed to support a positive mindset and help you keep your focus.  These things are meant to inspire a spiderweb of thought.  Showing you doors and opportunities within the opportunities you are seeking.  Just like refocusing your mind.  You start with one thought or circumstance, as you deal with and transform that, another pops up, then another and so on.

The alternative is leaving your existence up to the universe, but this drastically underestimates your own capabilities, potential and influence.  The bottom line is that, like everything around us.  We need to find new ways to adapt.  Part of that adaptation is adopting new perspectives and thought process.

To spark that change we have to be open to self awareness and all that it entails.  We need to reflect on the good and bad.  Hiding the truth from ourselves, only resets the timer on the charge and the explosive is going to blow some where down the line.  Whether we like it or not.

I truly believe that people, myself included, don’t always stay honest and true to themselves.  We are all on some level, walking contradictions.  But if we can be comfortable with our thoughts, sit in them and watch them move, change and take shape.  We can understand how negative thoughts are just distractions.  The minds way of creating the anxiety and fear that we needed in the beginning as a species.  That fear and anxiety was born out of necessity, we had to survive, we had to evolve.  We had to be diligently alert to the dangers of the world around us.  There was no sanctity of home, hence a constant state of fight or flight.

Our existence now, is basically as Nerfed as it could be.  We shield ourselves from any and all negative influences.  Our mind creates these non existent problems in an attempt to conjure up that fear and anxiety, just so we keep ourselves on edge.  We need to find a balance.  We need to expose ourselves to discomfort with the intention of growth.  In doing this we keep the balance of our mind in tact.  There really is a silver lining to almost every situation, it just might not be in the places you’ve been looking.

Everything you gain is in the effort you put in.  It’s also in the depth of the effort you commit, that brings on the most fruit full growth. You can train your body and exhaust it.  But negative thought will still find a way in.  You can perfect your nutrition and combine that with physical training, but the thoughts still get in.  Maintenance of the mind is a much trickier muscle to exercise, but it is a muscle.  Just as you can sculpt your physique you can sculpt your thoughts.  You’re just not used to it.    

They say that your muscles can hold past anxieties, fears and memories.  That would mean that the presence of our mental influence extends beyond our cranium.  If that is the case wouldn’t it make sense to spend as much time understanding our thoughts, their process and their patterns, as we do, doing arm curls and chopping vegetables?

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