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7 Bodyweight Exercises that Promote Weight Loss and a Strong Core.

*Consult a physician before participating in any workout routine*.

I believe that one of the biggest challenges for people on their journey towards living a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, is the gym.  I’m not saying don’t go or avoid it all together.  I’m just saying that in the beginning some people might be a little self conscious about putting themselves on display.

That’s how I felt.  Like everyone around was watching and judging me. Whether that was true or not doesn’t really matter.  Most likely it was all in my head, but I figure why create more challenges. It’s hard enough finding the motivation to maintain ones will power, self discipline and a strong healthy mindset, without adding an audience.

To make it easier on myself, Bodyweight workouts at home, while watching TV was the way to go.

Every night after work, I’d open the “Spartan Workout” app on my phone, lay it at my feet, throw on my “Pumping IronDVD (The documentary about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s final Mr. Olympia competition), and for the next 45 minutes or so I was motivated, inspired and focused soley on the task at hand.

How could I not be?

Every time I got tired, or felt like I couldn’t do one more rep.  I’d gaze up at Conan The Barbarian explaining what type of mental fortitude it takes to look like a human mountain.  That was all the motivation I needed to push through a moment of discomfort and doubt.

So next time you’re watching Game of Thrones, see how many Push ups you can do.  I’m willing to bet those scenes where heads get lopped off and dragons scorch the earth, provide you a little adrenaline boost through that last rep.

Here are the 7 Bodyweight Exercises I found most effective…

1) Push Ups

2) Squats

3) Lunges

4) Climbers

5) Leg Raises

6) Pull Ups

7) Chin Ups

Obviously, Chin ups and Pulls ups are going to require some equipment.  I recommend a Pull up/Dip station.  If you have the space.

Having said that I started with a Chin up bar that hung on a metal door frame.  I do not recommend using those on a wooden one.  In fact, if the only option you have is using a door frame.  Look for a bar that you can anchor into it.  Keep in mind that any equipment has a weight limit, be sure to verify this before you buy.

Quality, not quantity is the key to success.

In the beginning, start slow and steady.  Work on proper form with low reps and sets and build up from there.

Pick the number of reps you want to achieve and work towards that.  You might not make it there in the first couple weeks, but it’s a great way to set goals and hold yourself accountable.

Do some research and find out what motivates you.  Watching videos of other people working out gets my competitive juices flowing and helps put me in the right mindset to throw myself around.

There are plenty of videos on youtube by qualified personal trainers to further educate you on proper form and technique.  As I mentioned in my previous post, A Beginners Guide to Weight Loss, 3 Keys to Successfully Achieving a Healthier Lifestyle, AthleanX on youtube sets the standard.

No more excuses.  If you have a floor you have your very own personal gym, so get after it!

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